Entry: Going Underground September 16, 2003

nuts Yesterday I came across some interesting sites while looking for references to 'Vadding'. It seems there are a lot of organisations and clubs worldwide that are involved in the sport of Urban Exploration, the art of exploring abandoned buildings, drain networks, bunkers and other places supposedly 'off limits' to the public. Obviously, this is another one of those pastimes that borders on illegal, as it can be construed as trespassing.

It is very interesting however to read through some of the descriptions of the areas they explore, as the general public usually do not get access to these sites. There is advice on which torches to use, how to pop a manhole cover from beneath, how to avoid getting caught and how to behave.

The whole thing seems very civilised, very organised and almost safe. Thanks to these brave explorers, we get to see another side of Urban sprawl that is usually hidden from us.

Some great sites are:

Infiltration A Canadian E-Zine, great stories
Sydney Cave Clan Sydney Chapter of the Australian Cave Clan.
Drains of my City Exploring Edmonton, Canada


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