Entry: From out of the cold... November 1, 2003

Well, this thing hasn't been updated in a while...

I've did an awful lot last month, and never quite got round to putting it down here. Where to begin...?

I managed to obtain two geriatric old PCs for my Frankenstein-esque experiments into home networking and have successfully build one system as a headless firewall/router and fileserver. Attempts to implement a caching nameserver on said box remain beyond my feeble brain. The firewall runs Vector Linux, a nice light distribution based off slackware.

Also, the interview that I mentioned in my last post was successful, and I have undergone four weeks of gruelling training in preperation for getting on the phones, which happens next week, under laboratory conditions with guidance and help from all sides, a Customer Service playpen, if you will.

Oh well, one has to dash.


x a o s
November 12, 2003   12:13 AM PST
hellabitchin' blog. i'm linking you. you should write more. i'm hooked.

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