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September 15, 2003
Hilarity Ensues.

computersI just caught this during one of my many random searches, Snarf on keyboard.

A look at the future? you decide.

Posted at 08:35 am by kumochisonan
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Old Town

cthulhuGot up really early this morning and took a nice stroll into the city, which I live not far from. It was a quiet sunday, hardly a soul about, nice and sunny too. I found myself looking at some of the old buildings around. A lot of buildings in the City centre date from the early to mid 19th Century, and it was great fun trying to find dates written on them.

I am currently developing a Cthulhu campaign based in 1890's Liverpool, so walking the city like this certainly gives me a feel of which buildings were standing at the time. I noticed a building undergoing restoration that has removed some modern coverings to reveal the old 19th century name 'The London Coachworks'.

All in all, a nice dull morning.

Posted at 01:17 am by kumochisonan
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September 14, 2003
Content Required

computers molly-guard /mol'ee-gard/ n. [University of Illinois] A shield to prevent tripping of some Big Red Switch by clumsy or ignorant hands. Originally used of the plexiglass covers improvised for the BRS on an IBM 4341 after a programmer's toddler daughter (named Molly) frobbed it twice in one day. Later generalized to covers over stop/reset switches on disk drives and networking equipment. In hardware catalogues, you'll see the much less interesting description "guarded button".

From the Hackers Lexicon

Not having very much content yet, I thought I'd bung this quote from the Hackers Lexicon in. Something I'm likely to do rather often.


Posted at 10:33 am by kumochisonan
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F1rst P0st

websiteWell, Here I am, idly typing the first post to my newly created 'blog... What can I say about myself? Hm. I'm a semi-geek lover of the internet, open-source and computers in general.

I am competent with Linux, but as my financial situation is such that I cannot afford sufficient storage, I have decided to stick with Windows purely so I can still play the games I love so much.

I will however be obtaining an old 486 system soon, with which I hope to construct a nice Linux firewall with one of the floppy based distros.

Posted at 09:39 am by kumochisonan
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